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Advertise with Logo Bottled Water! Put your company or organization’s name and Logo on high quality logo label bottled water. Logo Bottled Water Prices are as low as .33 to .44 per bottle when ordering pallet quantities! Even lower for multiple pallet and truck load orders – Delivered anywhere in the USA! Don’t need a pallet? We are #1 in customer satisfaction! ASK FOR A QUOTE! Get a response fast.

  • • By the Pallet, Prices As Low As .33 to .44 Per Bottle.

  • * "Small Order" Program Starting at 24 cases (12 on the West Coast Only)

  • • Lower Pricing For Multiple Pallets and Truck Loads

  • • Full Wrap Synthetic Water Proof Labels

  • • Heavy Duty Bottles, No Flimsy Types

  • * NEW! Alkaline Water 8 pH and 10 pH

  • • We Deliver Anywhere in the USA from our 10 Regional Bottling Plants

  • • Blue Bottles – rPet Bottles – Bullet Bottles

  • • Smooth Sided (solid feel) Wine Bottle Shape – Clear or Cobalt Blue

  • • 10 Regional Bottling Plants means low shipping costs

  • • Above All – Quality Product and Reliable Service – 23 Years Experience!

  • • Use Our Convenient Quotation Request Form for Pricing, Shipping & Lead Time

  • • Don't Wait - ORDER NOW for you next event!

 Logo Bottled Water is Great For
  • • Concerts – Festivals

  • • Golf Courses

  • • Health & Fitness Centers

  • • New Product Promotion

  • • Banks

  • • High Schools

  • • Hospitals

  • • Weddings

  • • Hotels, Resorts & Spas

  • • Political Campaigns

  • • Colleges & Universities

  • • Auto Dealerships

  • • Country clubs

  • • Restaurants

  • • Meetings

  • • Faith Based Organizations

  • • Seminars

  • • Convention Centers

  • • Promotions

  • • Family Reunions

  • • Funeral Homes

  • • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

  • • Radio Stations

  • • Restoration Companies

  • • Fund Raising

  • • Exhibitions

  • • Conferences

  • • Incentives

  • • Events

  • • Marketing

  • • Corporate Identity

  • • Construction Companies

*Choose a label of your own design, let us design a label for you, or Check Out Our Living Water Bottles at Faith Based Labels.

What does our Logo Label Bottled Water Cost? 
Find Out Fast – Get A Free Quotation!

Did you know that most often, Logo bottled water costs less than other types of advertising giveaways! It’s a mobile form of advertising – for free! Because most people take their water bottles with them wherever they go and even reuse them, you have a form of advertising that keeps on going and you don’t have to pay anything for it beyond the initial investment. How many other forms of advertising can give you that? For detailed Pricing for your specific project, and a very Fast Response, use our Quotation Request Form (BEST WAY). We will reply quickly with a quotation detailing all costs including label set-up and shipping. For general pricing and information about our Private label program, pricing, and art information, send us an E-Mail. 

 BWS provides low prices and great service NATIONWIDE. Our freight rates for pallet orders are the best! We do large, medium and small quantities too! 12 cases to Truckloads. To discuss corporate volume purchasing, truckload sales and other special projects, send us an E-Mail. Or, Get A Detailed Quotation!

Simple Logo Labeling Process

Creating a Private Bottled Water label with The Bottled Water Store is easy! Here is how it works:

  1. 1. Ask for A Quote.

  2. 2. We will provide you with a quotation detailing all costs.

  3. 3. Send us your label art in .jpeg, .tif, .ai, .eps or .pdf format, to the E-Mail Address on your Personalized Quotation.

  4. 4. We will prepare a color label proof and Email it to you for your approval.

  5. 5. Return the proof with approval or changes (if necessary).

  6. 6. Final Label Approval

  7. 7. Production of finished ‘Custom Label’ bottled water.

  8. 8. Shipment of your order in approximately 10 days.

  9. 9. The Total process only takes approximately 3-4 weeks!

  10. 10. “Rush” Service is Available

Benefits Of Marketing With Logo Bottled Water

It’s Affordable. Most bottled water campaigns can cost much less than traditional advertising specialty giveaways. Labels, bottles and water combined is usually more affordable than buying air time, printing ads or trying to break through in Google.

It’s a mobile form of advertising… for free! Because most people take their water bottles with them wherever they go and even reuse them, you have a form of advertising that keeps on going and you don’t have to pay anything for it beyond the initial investment. It’s also a memorable form of advertising since you’re able to spread around bottled water in a number of events.

It’s a simple and yet creative way to share your message. On your label you create a message that is concise and simplistic and yet at the same time is entirely yours. From the water, to the shape, to the label, you can create some-thing that fully represents your business, organization, ministry, special event and much more. It’s all yours! Get a detailed quotation!