Q1.What is the best way for me to receive your pricing and information?

The best way is to send an Email to Jeff@BWSwater.com. If you already know the bottle size and quantity you would like, and you would like to receive a quotation with pricing (and no hidden costs), just complete the form by clicking here.

Q2.What locations do you ship to?

Bottled Water Store.com has bottling plants strategically located to service all of the USA.

Q3.Can I choose any brand like FIJI or Voss for my Private Label?

No. Only our own Ultra Purified or Spring water is available for private labeling.

Q4.Do you offer glass bottles for Private labeling?

No. Only PET or our new rPet recycled plastic bottles are used.

Q5.Can I split the order between two or more labels?

Yes. Q6.Can you ship my order to two or more different locations?

Yes. Q7.What is your lead time?

New Orders require 3 weeks for production then transit time. Reorders are 2 weeks + transit time.

Q8.Can I choose from a selection of bottle shapes?

We offer standard bottles (above), rPet shapes and Smooth sided "bullet" bottles.

Q9.How many bottles are in a case?

24 Q10.How long can water be stored?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates bottled water as a packaged food product, has determined that there is no limit to the shelf life of bottled water.

Q11.I have label art, do I still pay the "set-up" fee?

Bottled Water Store.com will prepare your label just as you like it, using your logo and/or graphic materials and text. Or if you use the services of a graphic artist ask us for a template to be sure your art conforms with our specifications. Which ever process you prefer requires "hands on" time by our graphic artists and this is covered by the set-up fee.

Q12.Can I see what the label will look like before you print it?

Yes. Our graphic artists will prepare a label proof and we will send it to you by Email. Upon your review it you have the option to approve it for printing or tell us if it needs changes. We will not print labels without your approval.

Q13.I am on a budget and only need the minimum, what is your minimum order?

Our minimum order quantity is 12 cases, 288 bottles in most locations. Some locations may rrequire a 36 case minimum.

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