Water Packed in Paper

his is a great idea. Water packed in paper carton packages. The product: Aquapax, an award winning natural mineral water. The product was developed by “Just Drinking Water, Ltd.” Of Brighton England. “Finally, I got to a point in my career and life where I realized there’s no point in waiting for someone else to take every initiative. We’re providing an alternative next generation package for bottled water, which customers are embracing. We decided to prove market acceptance for the integrity and sustainability of carton water by doing it, rather than just talking about it.” – Neil Tomlinson, Founder and Managing Director.

I like PET #1 recyclable bottles but I also think that the Aquapax concept should be welcomed as well. I don’t have the picture to show you here but it appears that the twist top is still plastic. Well that is a lot less then the whole bottle. What do you think about it?