The Great Flouride Debate - again.

Gosh, the debate over whether to add Fluoride, or not, into public water supplies seems to have been going on forever. It is almost like if you have seen the successful results then you are very much for it. If you live in a water district where Fluoride is being considered, then you may be against it. In the 50's antagonists called it a "communist plot". Since then it has been argued and feared that Fluoride in drinking water may cause almost every kind of malady.

Fluoride, in very very large doses, roughly four times the amount typically added to public water supplies, has been associated with dental Fluorosis, in which teeth become mottled and pitted, and could cause bone fractures. A separate study linked fluoride with a very rare bone cancer in boys.

But while a few isolated studies have raised such questions, there has never been any compelling evidence that fluoridation has any harmful health effects in over 60 years of research, according to the CDC. In fact, the ADA, AMA and WHO and also five US Surgeons General, have endorsed adding Fluoride to public water supplies because it cuts the rate of tooth decay 18 to 40%.

Personnel experience has me convinced. I was born in NYC before fluoride was introduced to the water supply. I had cavities all the time and going to the dentist was routine. No child should have to endure the procedures in that I had to. My father was macho and didn't believe in Novocaine. He insisted that I shouldn't use it either. That only lasted a short time and finally I was allowed the luxury of that big, really big needle inserted into my gums to inject the Novocaine. It was worth it. But by the time I was about 8 or nine years old, NYC began adding Fluoride to our drinking water. And guess what, "Look Ma, no more cavities".

I have since moved to Florida, Palm Beach County to be more specific where fluoride is added and kids get Fluoride applied to there teeth in school once a year. My kids have grown up without cavities. Loss of a revenue stream for dentists, big savings for me.

Here is a parting thought for your consideration. Why is there this fuss about fluoride and not the other chemicals added to our water by municipalities routinely, like Chlorine,sometimes added in great quantities, and Corrosion inhibitor which is added into the finished water to protect the pipes that serve our homes.