Great Re-Use of Plastic Bottles

I am a big fan of recycling and reusing plastic bottles. Especially bottled water bottles. Recycling plastic has been going on for a long time but recently I learned of two novel ways used plastic bottles are being turned into new products. Well, the first one isn't exactly about turning water bottles into something different. It's about turning a water bottle, or bottles, into water bottles. A California company that specializes in private label bottled water now produces water bottles made from recycled water bottles. The product is called RPET and is 100% recycled plastic water bottles. You can see and learn more about these at Bottled Water

And for for something completely different. I read about this in a recent issue of Time magazine. Nine World Cup soccer teams wore uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles. Nike, Coke and Reebok are leading this new fashion trend. And, according to the article author Joel Stein, the uniforms are especially soft and very comfortable. And Nike says that the uniforms are lighter, sturdier, and breathier than and other Nike uniform shirt that has come before. And they are made solely out of plastic! Coca-Cola's shirts are made of half plastic and half cotton are are may be even softer than Nike.

In the future, look for of these shirts and uniforms on sale at boutique stores and at Wal-mart. Also, Reebok will soon be collecting bottles from NFL and NHL games and turning them into shirts to sell to fans.