Faith Based Custom Labels On Bottled Water

In earlier blogs I spoke about the popularity of custom label bottled water as an advertising medium for both large and small businesses. Custom Label bottled water is also popular as a fund raiser for non-profit groups. These can be churches, civic groups, little leaque, soccer and cheer leading organizations, just to name a few. But the largest group in the non-profit segment is probably churches and other faith based religious groups. These groups are very important customers for custom label water companies. It seems that spring and summer are the busiest times when faith based groups get the word out about their services and special events by passing our bottled water to the faithful with their message imprinted on the label. Many groups customize their own labels but many others choose to select a label from "The Living Water Project", a faith based organization and ministry. The organization offers about a dozen different pre-designed labels from which church groups and other faith based organizations can choose from. After choosing the label the customer can then have their organization name, address, telephone number and web site imprinted on the label. The most popular label by far is the "Living Water" label that includes quotations from Romans and also John 4:14. High quality graphics make the label a joy to behold.

"Our product is designed to encourage the Christian Community to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, in an innovative way, by means of Christian based labels on bottled water, said organization founder E.C. Florez. He adds " Each label contains an attention getting title and scripture that causes the reader to reflect on God’s word and the Holy Spirit to do His work. Each label offers a salvation invitation."

The Living Water Project was founded just a few years ago and the bottled water and labels are provided nationwide by Bottled Water