Bottled Water: The Government’s Top Priority? Shouldn’t Be.

Sometimes, government actions are misinformed and misplaced, notes
Donald A. Mounce, the senior editor of Water Conditioning &
Purification Magazine. (Not quite as well known as Newsweek, but

Yet Mounce knows firsthand about wrong government actions, as a
former elected - and currently appointed - local official. “In some
cases, the egregious nature of government priorities is very clear and
becomes quite unbearable,” he writes.

And Mounce continues:

This is where we find ourselves on the argument of
banning bottled water. It is unconscionable that any level of
government or any bureaucratic unit would in any way find this a good

It is simply ridiculous.

Somehow the bottled water industry is targeted as the reason for
rising oil prices, improper waste management, the lack of complete
plastic recycling, global warming and probably, for some, the lack of
world peace…this is another case of unecessary government social
engineering for the wrong reasons and in the wrong way.

And as Mounce puts succinctly, in regard to tap, filtered, or bottled waters:

“Any way to get potable water in the hands of anyone
who needs it is an excellent method; there is no best, better, or worse
way. It is all good and it all has value to our health and to our
global societies, whether for convenience of individuals or necessary
use in times of global disaster.”