Bottled Water Saves Lives, Again.

I don't wish to offend anyone but I have to tell you that hardly a week goes by that I don't get an Email or a comment to a blog from someone who is anti bottled water. It is of course perfectly respectable to have an opinion pro or con about anything but what usually happens is that, in the end, the writer is just pushing a product of some sort. These are usually water filters, RO systems, tap water etc. Please don't misunderstand stand me, these are wonderful products and I am involved with all of them, more than you would think. So it is that when the writer recommends the end of bottled water for much overplayed reasons, I cant help but become dismayed. That is because not one of the substitutions for bottled water has ever saved lives in an emergency, such as a hurricane or flood.

Last week the Southeast, and Georgia especially, suffered from heavy rains and severe flooding. Ten people died while emergency crews searched for others reported missing. The Govenor of Geogia declared a state of emergency in the 17 counties hardest hit by the severe weather, which caused $280,000,000 in damage thoughout Georgia.

Today I read that Nestle Waters of North America quickly donated 5000 one gallon bottles of water to communities affected by the disaster. There were no water filters, RO systems or tap water donated. What would happen if bottled water companies were to close and disappear over time because of the "conspiracy" against it?

In 2008, Nestle Waters delivered more than 2.7 million bottles of water to citizens and relief workers affetced by natural disasters and emergencies, as per Alex McIntosh, director of corporate citizenship.

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