Bottled Water Plant in Middle of The Ocean

Bottled Water Plant in Middle of The Ocean Thats right! WAith the permission of Texas General Land Office, a Minneapolis based company is buiding a bottled water plant in the ocean. But that's not the big news. The big news is that the power for the desalination process will be provided by a patented pump called the "Seadog" which will harness wave power to generate electicity. That's very cool.

Desalinated sea water for use as bottled water is not new. There is a company operating a ship off the cose of Hawaii that is pumping sea water from the deep depths of the ocean then bottling and distributing it. There are also small operations in arid areas of the world that bottle desalinated seawater. But this company has developed a process that is claimed to be the first 100% fossil-fuel free bottled water! That's really cool. For more information on sea water desalination click on the link.