Bottled Water And July 4th

July 4th is a great American holiday and the milestone event of summer months. America's birthday is jubilant and exciting with barbecue, picnics, party's and fireworks. And lets not forget Bottled Water.

July 4th really kicks off the summer vacation season which is, especially this year, extremely hot. I just returned from a few days vacation in Washington DC where my family and I toured all of the great capital government buildings and monuments. We also watched the National July 4th parade. The temparature was 100+ degrees! Was it ever hot. There must have been a million people in DC last week end. The streets were packed and everyone was dealing as best they could with the heat. Thankfully, there were bottled water vendors everywhere. Really, everywhere. Apparently the July 4th holiday is a great opportunity for street vendors and people who might not normally sell things on the street, to sell bottled water. You could see them everywhere hauling coolers and cases of bottled water to "hot" spots on the capital streets. Very often they had their children in tow. For some vendors this was a family affair and an opportunity not to miss.

From time to time I couldn't help but think that the July 4th parade and the entire week-end might not have possible without bottled water. The only way to survive last week end was to stay hydrated. I have blogged many times on the insanity of considering a ban on bottled water. This was proof right before my eyes of how right I am. Bottled Water is a product and service that everyone wants. The city also impressed me with the way that they collected the empties. They had people walking through the crowds with large plastic bags collecting the empties and staging them in designated areas so that the could be picked up later by trucks.

My hat is off to DC. They endorsed a way for citizens to produce some income. They made sure that their visitors were properly hydrated and they efficiently cleaned the streets and recycled the bottles.